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You’ve become quite fond of the boy, haven’t you?

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Hook vs. Blackbeard

aka The scene in which Killian Jones is a BAMF Pirate King

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I swear on

             E m m a   S w a n

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Such a lovely night, such beautiful music

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#and then she tricked him into revealing his plans #ur fave could never

#except no other faves COULD ever because nearly every other names character in this film is male #and natasha operates within gender paradigms #she exploits them and inverts them and uses them to burn the best laid plans #i do think she’s actually afraid here when he says he’ll have clint kill her slowly and intimately #just because he could and my kingdom for the two of them when she has a nightmare about the hulk #but otherwise she knows exactly what she’s doing. every facial expression and body motion is purposeful #these strong powerful men with ego problems think her vulnerable because she’s armed with nothing but her body #and that body is small and breakable and doesn’t have any armor at all #but that body is far more powerful than any of those men realize and she can kill with it if she has to #and she’s got no problem with that but her main goal is extraction and you can’t extract information from the dead #so she takes those assumptions about her and turns that strength against the men who think little of her #she allows them to think they’ve gotten power over her and in so doing she crawls into their plans and burns them down from the inside #your favorites could actually never because every other avenger in this film is a man #and a man could never do this 
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You're my child . You're my life . You're my eternity

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Neji's death: Naruto supporting Hinata. Naruto OP 15: Guren

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